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Terms & Conditions

Studio Salford WriteForTheStage courses

Terms of engagement 

For the purpose of this statement, "we", "us" or "our" refers to Studio Salford WriteForTheStage and "you" refers to the subscribing member. By "our services" we mean delivering taught sessions, providing resources, offering learning support during the duration of the course, providing constructive feedback (either in writing or verbally). 


You are reserving a place for the upcoming Studio Salford WriteForTheStage course. By paying a deposit of £40, you are formally making a booking for the entire course of 10 taught sessions. The remaining fee of £85 (for Intro), £110 (for Advanced, Progressing, and Producing) is due on the assigned starting date of the course. This fee should be paid in full by the 2nd week of the course at the latest (unless we have agreed to an alternative arrangement). 


All course resources relevant to the session are made available to every subscribing member after the session via a shared Dropbox which will be set up for access prior to the start of the course. If you miss a taught session, you would be advised to access the resources for the missed session and contact us if you have questions about the content. Refunds are not available for missed sessions. 


We will make available a fully interactive video conference (or audio conference) service for each session. This will be online. A good broadband or 4G signal is recommended.


We will make all efforts to provide services at the times and dates pre-arranged. There may be exceptional occasions where this is not possible - in this case we will either arrange a cover tutor to teach the session or postpone the session, with the group's agreement.


The number of available places on the course are kept low, for your benefit. There is generally a maximum of 10 subscribing members on any course. If you wish to leave the course before the completion of the full 10 week taught sessions, you must give 3 weeks notice of your intention to leave. If this is within the first three (3) weeks of the course, you can claim a refund of the fee already paid minus 3 weeks notice period. Please bear in mind that once the course has started, your place cannot be re-filled with another participant - therefore, if you have reached the mid-point of the course (week 5), there is no refund available. The course includes a half-term - when we refer to "week 5", this is exclusive of half-term. You will receive 10 taught sessions.


The course will only run if there are sufficient numbers of places booked for that term. We require at least 4 subscribing members per course for the course to be financially viable. We may run at under this minimum, but we reserve the right to postpone the start of the course if these numbers are not met. Any deposit you have paid, in such a case, will be refunded in full if you are not able to start the course at a later date.


On completion of the course, your work will be read in front of an audience as a rehearsed reading during a showcase of work produced during that term at Studio Salford Development Week. There is no obligation for your work to be included. For work to be included in Development Week, there is an expectation that you have attended at least half of the taught sessions during the term and invite an audience to provide feedback.


You reserve creative and authorship rights to all work produced through the course - we do not reserve or claim any rights against work created during the course or thereafter. We would appreciate, however, that you acknowledge Studio Salford WriteForTheStage in any future performances / publications of the work produced through the course. We can provide you with a logo to be included in your print on request. Studio Salford WriteForTheStage has no financial claim over any of the work you produce during the course or any subsequent work.


We put together a bid to Arts Council England as part of the Producing course. This is a real bid (as long as you submit it). We cannot guarantee that your bid will be successful. However, we will help you to write a strong application, using our knowledge and experience of the process of applying for funding.