Give The Gift Of Creativity This Christmas

WriteForTheStage courses for everyone.

Are you struggling to think of an original pressie this Christmas? Maybe you're bored with the obvious Christmas jumpers and box sets, and want to give something that might just leave a legacy?

It's that time of year again. The annual anxiety about original gifting comes back to haunt.

Everyone struggles to think of a thoughtful gift for their loved ones or for themselves. But have you thought about giving the gift of creativity?

I mean, how many more pairs of socks will that drawer be able to contain? And while smellies are nice presents, they're not the most inspired gift in the world, are they?

We've been running playwriting courses aimed at all levels since 2012 and we'd love to help your loved ones get their ideas out of their head and onto the page. Our courses run entirely online, so we're here to provide quality training to anyone with a decent broadband connection; regardless of location.

Check out The WriteForTheStage Podcast to find out more about our approach.


Our Intro course is aimed at complete beginners but has plenty to offer playwrights of all levels of experience. We start the course with a process of "mining the imagination": finding the burning issues that we probably don't talk about in polite company, but they make the best starting points for creative writing.

We discover theme and character so that our ideas have an emotional outlet. We explore objective so that our characters have something to pursue, driving the story and the plot. And then we look at structure, the functions of dialogue, the dramatic question, and action to make our first ten pages completely un-putdownable.


The Progressing course is designed to help people who want a less formal "teaching environment" and want to develop an existing script. You might have just written the first scene, or you may have written the whole first draft.

Progressing is a weekly meeting where we read, discuss, and develop everyone's work - like a WritersLab-type set-up. The weekly meeting gives you a deadline, and we work towards a rehearsed reading at Development Week.

Some of our best work comes as a result of Progressing - perfect for people who have completed Intro and want a less formal teaching style, or Advanced and want to continue to develop their work.


Advanced is a progression course, directly following Intro. The aim of WriteForTheStage Advanced is to write a script of up to an hour. It's perfect for people who already have a starting point - even if it's just one scene.

We explore some of the more in-depth playwriting techniques - such as subplot, critical questioning, breaking down the plot, and imagery - delving more deeply into character development; honing and carving as we go.

Work developed through Advanced has gone onto full production all around the North West, including pieces at festivals such as Greater Manchester Fringe Festival and 24:7 Theatre Festival.


The Producing course is devised to help people to lift their script off the page and get it onto the stage, making WriteForTheStage the one-stop-shop from idea to production.

We explore the roles and responsibilities of the production team, creating a budget, casting and teching a fringe theatre production. And we look at marketing: maximising the usefulness of social media and print advertising.

We also put together a funding bid for Arts Council England. Although there's no guarantee that you'll get your funding, you'll certainly learn how to maximise your bid for the best possible opportunity of getting your money. In the past, we've helped a fair number of Producing students get their funding - and those who get it once, generally go on to get it again.


We're introducing a new course in 2020, designed to help you develop the skills of the skilful copywriter.

We'll explore the structure of effective blogs, as well as the ins-and-outs of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - making sure that your website rises up the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Learn about how to develop a following - using social media to gain traffic to your website; and about that all-important Metadata you've probably heard so little about.

WriteForTheStage Copywriting is due to start in the first half of 2020. Get in touch or leave a comment if you'd like to make an expression of interest in the course.

It's Christmas!!!!

So, there you have it: affordable solutions for memorable Christmas presents for either that special someone or for yourself.

Let us know that your booking is a gift and we'll send you a redeemable voucher so that you can box and wrap your very special gift of creativity.

Get in touch if you have any questions.

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