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Oct 18

Musical/Opera... something unusually special.


Edited: Oct 18

In 2017 I had the pleasure of attending a remarkable show during the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival in July. The show itself was advertised as a 'Musical/Opera' called 'The Marriage of Kim K'.

Kim K of course is none other than 'Kim Kardashian', which is far from my first choice of subject for consuming at a theatre. Having seen the show however, I found myself leaving with a very large smile of my face. The show itself was absorbing, unusual, and a musical delight from start to finish. Below is a copy of the feedback I left for them on their Facebook page after the show:


I dislike Kim Kardashian (and her ilk) with a vengeance. That said, I was convinced by another theatre-goer that "The Marriage Of Kim K" was worth seeing, despite the overriding theme. Leaving my prejudice behind, I entered into this production on 10th July at the 53Two theatre in Manchester.
I was astounded at the quality of the play, the musical arrangement, the dialog, the increasingly interwoven stories from three very different perspectives, and musical styles. Three stories told in tandem by six actors in a musical dance that was a delight to the ear from start to finish.
This production is not to be sniffed at for either a lack of interest for Kim K, or even the lack of interest for Mozart or Opera. In fact, if you dislike any or all of these areas, you really should go and watch this high-class production. It is expertly assembled, expertly performed, and delightfully backed by a small but VERY live orchestra.
I still dislike Kim Kardashian, but I very much like this play.


The show had rave reviews from wherever it went after that, and has gone through additional development for an Autumn 2019 Tour. The show will be heading to Doncaster, Salford, London, Sheffield and Keswick from the end of October to end of November.

It really is a wonderful show, and certainly one of the standout shows from the many I've seen. More details via the website if you are interested in watching the newest version.


I for one will be trying to schedule time to see the show again at The Lowry in Salford!

Go see!

Hey David,


This is one I missed but heard loads of great stuff about it. Debbie Manley from the GMFringe speaks passionately about this show as well.


Thanks for sharing your review. Let me know when you’re going to the Lowry - I’d love to come along as well. :)

And - yeah. I feel the same about the whole celebrity “culture” thing, making this show all the more intriguing. :)

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