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Oct 16

Two exciting opportunities for next Monday (21st Oct)!!


There are two script windows coming up - so get entering.


Sheffield Theatres

Sheffield Theatres have a script window, closing on Monday 21st Oct. For info about this, click here. It's an email submission, so it's easy enough to apply. What can you lose?


Kay Mellor Fellowship

The second script window is for the Kay Mellor Fellowship at Leeds Playhouse. The first prize is amazing for this - you'll develop a first draft of a theatre script and create a pitch for TV, as well as a fee of £10,000.

There's quite a lengthy application process, so don't leave this until Sunday night. It does state:


The following is copied from the application pack:

To be eligible for this opportunity, applicants should have written between one and three professionally produced, full-length plays for theatre.


For the purposes of this selection process, this means plays that:

are of 60 minutes of more in lengthand have been;produced for a paying audience (including PWYC);

with a run of two weeks or more;and were staged at a recognised professional venue or by a recognised professional company.


Writers need not have any prior screen credits or experience of writing or developing ideas for screen, though we ask writers to list all production and development credits.

Fellows will also be asked to demonstrate that they have the right to work in the UK.



So, get applying people!!!! Break a leg.



New Posts
  • Criterion Theatre, London are well know for their support of New Writing, and there’s a very exciting opportunity to get involoved in Criterion New Writing 2020. There’s more information about it on London Playwrights Blog .
  • This is a really easy one to apply for as it’s all online. You’ll need to remove your name and contact details from the script as it’s anonymous, but Traverse is a great company with a brilliant, international reputation. Click here to find out how to apply. The window closes tomorrow, so get in quick!
  • We love anything that offers support and enthusiasm for writing new work, and we’ve just spotted #WrAP2020, run by London Playwrights Blog. #WrAP stands for Write A Play, and it runs all the way through January, encouraging playwrights of all experience to create a new play in a month. This sounds like a great way to get people writing. If you’d like a slot at the February Development Week to read your new piece in front of an audience, get in touch . To be a part of #WrAP2020, you need to be a member of London Playwrights Blog. More info action is here .