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Oct 30

STOP PRESS! Traverse Theatre script window - closes tomorrow!


This is a really easy one to apply for as it’s all online. You’ll need to remove your name and contact details from the script as it’s anonymous, but Traverse is a great company with a brilliant, international reputation.


Click here to find out how to apply. The window closes tomorrow, so get in quick!

New Posts
  • Criterion Theatre, London are well know for their support of New Writing, and there’s a very exciting opportunity to get involoved in Criterion New Writing 2020. There’s more information about it on London Playwrights Blog .
  • We love anything that offers support and enthusiasm for writing new work, and we’ve just spotted #WrAP2020, run by London Playwrights Blog. #WrAP stands for Write A Play, and it runs all the way through January, encouraging playwrights of all experience to create a new play in a month. This sounds like a great way to get people writing. If you’d like a slot at the February Development Week to read your new piece in front of an audience, get in touch . To be a part of #WrAP2020, you need to be a member of London Playwrights Blog. More info action is here .
  • The aim for this discussion forum is for people to contribute tip-offs about the best playwriting opportunities and competitions. I’m a member of the Writers Guild of Great Britain and get weekly updates of the best opportunities and I’ll be sharing those with you guys, here. But if you have heard about a competition/job/internship or whatever that you thing other people might know about, then please do share it here. Share the love and all that. In the meantime, there are two other places that are open to everyone that send out regular updates about the best opportunities. The first is BBC WritersRoom . I’m sure that the vast majority of you are familiar with it, as they have regular script windows. Although they don’t have a BBC script window open at the moment, there is a good list of opportunities available now. In fact, there’s always a good list of opportunities, so do check it out. The other great source for the latest tip-offs is London Playwrights Blog . The name might suggest that they’re only useful for our Southern friends, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The blog is an excellent resource for national and regional prizes and script windows, and it’s updated weekly. I discovered London Playwrights Blog through Twitter a couple of years ago and it’s on my bookmarks tab. They’ve listed Studio Salford Development Week many times, so it’s only fair that we send you on their way. So, please check out those sites if you’re not already familiar with them. And get sharing. Use this discussion board to find out and share the best opportunities.